PNO Global

Based on years of experience in international strategic business development and in the currency industry, both founding partners Bart Goeman Borgesius and Jan-Dirk Enschedé founded PNO Global in 2014. The company serves Central Banks and commercial currency producers with products that contribute to more durability and efficiency in cash production and circulation.

Our Mission

Cash is an important means of payment and requires management in a most responsible way. PNO Global contributes to this mission with products and services to improve durability and efficiency of cash in circulation.


PNO Global has its base in the Netherlands with branch offices in Hong Kong and Beijing. It is a member of the Dutch Currency Association.


PNO Global has its roots in centuries of experience. Today PNO Global is a most valuable and energetic supplier of banknote varnishes, coins and innovative solutions.

  • Varnish: Eco Protect varnishes are available in various formulations.
  • Coins: PNO Global offers all types of coin blanks in all volumes at fair market prices as well as commemorative coins.
  • Innovations: A continuous search for innovations leads to saving money and improved sustainability.

PNO Global

The solution for banknote varnish, coin blanks and cost saving equipment