Three centuries of experience…

PNO Global, founded in 2014, is a company that has its roots in the currency industry for over three centuries. PNO Global is focused on reliability, customer satisfaction and innovative solutions: a supplier of banknote varnishes and instruments for fitness sorting, quality control and counterfeit analysis.

PNO Global works with partners that are world leading and/or specialized in their technologies and capabilities. The PNO Global commercial activities are world wide. PNO Global is based in the Netherlands.


“Cash is an important means of payment and requires management in a most responsible way.”

PNO Global contributes with solutions in:

  • DURABILITY of cash circulation
  • EFFICIENCY of cash circulation

Board Members

Bart Goeman Borgesius

founding partner

After a successful career in both local, regional and national government in the Netherlands, Bart founded his consultancy business initially advising the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. In 1995, Bart founded Goeman Borgesius & Partners Group  (GB&P), which has grown to become a diversified and international industrial group.

Jan-Dirk Enschedé

Board member
founding partner

Jan-Dirk Enschedé originates from the in the currency industry well known family Enschedé. He gained experience in International Trade at multinational companies. From 2002 till 2014 Jan-Dirk joint Royal Joh. Enschedé in various senior management positions. He is a well-known and experienced person in the high security print industry and Central Bank currency market and a banknote varnish specialist.


PPG Industrial Coatings

Over the years, PPG Industrial Coatings has earned a reputation for innovative, high-performance products and world-class service making PPG a leader in the marketplace.

Today, the industrial coatings business produces coatings for appliances, agricultural and construction equipment, consumer electronics, automotive parts and accessories, building products (including residential and commercial construction), transportation vehicles and numerous other finished products. PPG was the first manufacturer of special varnishes for banknotes: since 1958.


IGT Testing Systems

IGT Testing Systems, an independent company headquartered in Almere, The Netherlands, is the manufacturer of the Snowfish.

IGT is the successor of the world-renowned TNO Institute for the Graphic Techniques, which started in 1939. IGT has affiliates in the USA, Singapore and Japan.

IGT Testing Systems specializes on several activities:
  • Development, manufacturing and marketing of printability testing equipment and tack testing instruments for the worldwide paper industry, printing industry, graphical arts, plastic-, paint, ink and coating industry.
  • Quality control and test services for buyers and users of new or used printing presses, based on the IGT print test forms or other forms. The world-renowned IGT printing test form is available for black and white and color printing.
  • Consultancy services in the general field of print, printing presses, digital print and copy, printed matters, disputes etc.
  • Customized, on demand research and development in the field of printability and tack testing and special equipment in this field.

IGT Testing Systems participates in: CEPI, IARIGAI, FTA, DFTA, NAPIM, ISO, TAPPI, NEN, VIGC, PAPERDAM and different other organizations.