By: Jan Dirk Aan: augustus 21, 2017 In: Snowfish Comments: 0

In the May issue of Currency News, we published an interview with Orell Füssli, one of the oldest companies in the industry. Now we turn to one of the youngest companies, PNO Global, which was established in 2013 to offer specific products and technologies to the banknote industry that offer an...

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By: Jan Dirk Aan: juni 25, 2017 In: Snowfish Comments: 0

PNO Global gave a presentation at the High Security Print Conference Latin America in Guatemala, June 21-22, and demonstrated the Snowfish to many Central Banks. Appointments are made for demonstrations at location of the Central Banks to proof that the Snowfish adds value to the Banks by improving their...

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By: Jan Dirk Aan: juni 06, 2017 In: Snowfish Comments: 0

When third parties are responsible for banknote sorting they will send the unfit banknotes to the Central Bank. Till now no objective data are available to check if ‘unfit’ is really unfit. The Snowfish check will show if unfit is unfit according to the requirements of the Central Bank....

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