coin blanks – circulation coins – commemorative coins

Our production capabilities include:

  • Steel coin blanks electroplated with nickel, copper or brass
  • Coin blanks of non-ferrous alloys (copper-nickel, aluminium-bronze, brass alloys)
  • Stainless steel.

PNO GLOBAL cooperates with the most technically advanced minting facilities in the world. With consulting services from marketing to manufacturing we can help you achieve your goals for next-generation circulation and numismatic coin design, production, innovation and management.

We offer design, production and sales of all types. PNO Global is also interessed in buying licences from Central Banks.

  • International company specialized in coin related products and services
  • Customers are National Mints, Central Banks and currency industry suppliers
  • Fully independent and not related to any Mint or technology
  • Flexible solutions can be provided at fair market prices.
  • Team of specialists
  • Seigniorage optimization
  • Silver colour: CuNi > Nickel Plated Steel > Double Layer Steel > Stainless Steel
  • Gold colour: Copper Alloys > Brass Plated Steel
  • Metal-polymer
  • Quality, availability and finally price are competitive advantages

PNO Global is partner in a European coin blank production facility and also partner in an Asian coin blank / minting facility.

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