Eco Protect Varnish® Polymer

Specially developed varnish for polymer substrates. Excellent performance proven by independent IGT Testing Systems.

PPG Industrial Coatings, the world’s largest paint and coating company, is the manufacturer of PNO Global’s varnishes. The R&D varnish department of PPG is one of the most sophisticated departments and is a guarantee for quality.

  • Post-print varnish is a thin protective layer on both sides of the banknote applied as last step in the printing process.
  • The varnish protects the printing from tear and wear and it protects the security features.
  • Each polymer substrate banknote must be varnished on both sides.
  • EPV Polymer is a banknote varnish produced by PPG Industrial Coatings.
  • EPV Polymer is a 100% UV-Curing cationic formulation.
  • EPV Polymer is a Raycron® PPG technology.
  • EPV Polymer is developed for polymer substrate banknotes specifically.
  • EPV Polymer contributes to 2-3% of total banknote grammage.
  • EPV Polymer is a non-secure product.
  • Excellent adhesion properties of the varnish on the substrate.
  • Strong layer to protect the ink from scratch-off.
  • Gloss values to be decided by customer.
  • Easy switch from comparable cationic varnishes to EPV Polymer.
  • Independent test certificate by IGT Testing Systems.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Application by generally available banknote varnish machines.
  • EPV Polymer is to be applied by anilox cylinder.
  • EPV Polymer is UV-cured.
  • EPV Polymer is to be applied on both sides of the substrate.
  • Lab test material is available on request.
  • PNO Global and PPG support machine testing.
  • Special formulation preferences can be realized.
  • MSDS is available on request
  • TDS is available on request
  • PNO Global management has many years of experience in varnish usage and development.
  • PNO Global supports the varnish implementation and application.
  • PPG is a well known and respected manufacturer of UV curing banknote varnishes.
  • Continues development and modification processes by sophisticated R&D department.
  • PPG’s banknote varnishes have been applied on banknotes in Asia, EMEA, Caribbean and Middle East.
  • Unique patented Raycron® Technology.