Snowfish® SP

Big savings as less fit banknotes will be destroyed. Improved average quality of notes in circulation as less unfit banknotes go back into circulation

IGT Testing Systems, a well-known independent institution for the Currency Industry, is the manufacturer of the Snowfish. Before a Snowfish finds its way to a user, it is tested and certified by IGT. Warranty and service are secured by the cooperation between PNO Global and IGT Testing Systems.

  • Snowfish SP allows you to assess the quality and efficiency of your sorting process.
  • Snowfish SP identifies areas where key detection factors can be improved
  • An optimized combination of sorting machine, sorting algorithm and banknote properties will lead to an improved circulation quality and lower costs for replacement of prematurely destroyed note
  • Image capturing of banknotes in high resolution
  • Measurement of banknote size
  • Innovative multi-colour inspection
  • Image capturing in reflection and transmission
  • Measurement of dog ears (numbers and size), edge faults, tears, holes, wrinkles and surface structure
  • 3D determination of intaglio height (tactility, blind mark)
  • Determination of gloss, magnetism and ink-wear
  • Stain detection
  • Creation and calibration of banknote test sets for sorter machine threshold adjustment
  • Creation of ‘land scape model’ for key areas
  • Captured multiple images are ‘stitched’ together
  • Algorithms for all areas of interest and for each colour
  • Analysis report (Excel, bitmaps)
  • Reading speed: 10 notes/minute
  • Production, service and warranty by IGT Testing Systems
  • Preliminary investigation to identify if Snowfish is the appropriate tool.
  • Assessment of the quality and (cost) efficiency of the sorting process.
  • Installation and instruction Snowfish operators.
  • PNO Global has 20 years of experience in sorting banknotes and optimizing sorting quality and efficiency in a central bank and banknote printing environment.
  • PNO Global knows your environment and can support you in realizing a good quality and cost efficient sorting output.
  • IGT is a well known and respected manufacturer of a range of testing tools for the Currency Industry.
  • IGT stands for quality, reliability and continuity.
  • Warranty and service are executed by IGT.
Snowfish beeld