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The ‘Snowfish® CA’ analyses the counterfeited banknote in detail, based on the counterfeit characteristics that are defined by the central bank. The software provides a unique database with which, by statistical analyses and regression techniques, the central bank can get optimal insight and understanding of the specific characteristics of counterfeited notes. This tool will be launched at the Anti Counterfeit & Currency Expo, Las Vegas, November 2018.

Basic analysis for each note (to be defined by the central bank):

  • Height & width
  • Separate landscape per print technology
  • Substrate analysis (in 3D)
  • L*A*B* measurement of paper white
  • Watermark analysis
  • Transparent window analysis
  • Coloured UV-fibre presence, counted, size, location
  • Thread analysis (presence, magnetism, de-metallisation, optical changes)
  • Foil analysis (patch, thread, registration)
  • OVMI analysis
  • Magnetism detection
  • Intaglio presence (in 3D)
  • Tactile pattern detection
  • OCR number registration
  • Microprint analysis
  • Half-tone print analysis
  • De-inking
  • Gloss profile measurement
  • ……..


The results of the analysis lead to unique and specific detailed information of origin and production methods and this contributes to the tracing of counterfeiters. Because of its practical size and ease of operation, it makes it possible to use the Snowfish® CA at regional locations like for instance police stations. After the Snowfish® CA analysis is made, the data can be easily transferred to the database of the central bank for further study. In this way, the central banks have access to the details of the counterfeit banknotes shortly after the counterfeit note is detected.

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