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Authentix, the provider of a suite of technologies for banknote authentication and fitness, has announced that six currency suppliers have completed its Jewel™ Certification Program, which was initiated in late 2015 and which, says the company, represents a model for partnership in the currency supply chain. Jewel is a platform comprising proprietary optical Level 3 markers, QC equipment and specialized sensors that can be integrated into high speed sorters by central banks to confirm the presence and correct response of the feature. The markers can be applied in inks, varnish or the substrate itself. The sensors, meanwhile, are ‘universal’, in that they are compatible with all industry-standard high speed processing systems. Central banks are increasingly ‘dis- aggregating’ the supply chain (ie. sourcing materials, features, sensors and systems from different suppliers, rather than relying on one supplier for all or most of the required products and services.) This, says Authentix, provides more choice, drives innovation, and is a move away from traditional monopoly supply chain solutions. ‘Central banks increasingly want choice and to build best of breed solutions to stay ahead of counterfeiting threats,’ commented Tim Driscoll, General Manager of Authentix’s Currency & Tax Stamp Business. ‘Authentix has partnered with some of the most respected names in banknote substrates, inks, design and printing. Central banks are assured of continuity and choice when selecting Authentix Jewel.’ In the case of the Jewel Certification Program, Authentix has proactively sought out partners so that central banks can choose from a range of suppliers that are already familiar with the design and incorporation of Jewel into banknotes, giving them a head-start and expediting the process. As part of this process Authentix transfers best practices in the handling, use and quality checks of the feature. Support for a trial to demonstrate incorporation into the ink, varnish, substrate, or finished banknote is also provided. Accredited and certified partner is PNO Global.

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