Snowfish Assistance on Demand

Instead of buying a Snowfish, PNO Global offers “Snowfish Assistance on Demand”. This assistance is offered for analysis of the banknote sorting process, and will be available for banknote quality control and counterfeit analysis as well.
The Snowfish AoD team does the analyses of your banknotes with a Snowfish. The customer receives a report with the analyses, collected data and images.

Fitness Deck Generation Assistance

  • Reading test set from CB reference set
  • Defining parameters
  • Creating objective test set
  • Checking output sorter machine(s)
  • Report:
    • Analysis of performance sorter machine(s)
    • Calculation of financial loss destroyed banknotes
    • Calculation of number of unfit banknotes back into circulation
  • Four working days for the first denomination
  • Additional two working days for subsequent denominations
  • Test set Central Bank (human perception) available
  • Definition parameters (max 20) by the Central Bank
  • Output ‘unfit’ sorter machine(s) available
  • Output ‘fit’ sorter machine(s) available

Quality Control Assistance

  • Storage of all data of the Central Bank’s reference note
  • Translation all collected data into objective data
  • Analyse and comparison of new banknotes with stored data at production location
  • Report of analyses and comparisons
  • Two working days for the first 1000 samples per denomination
  • One day more for each 1500 samples more of same denomination
  • One reference note from central bank of each denomination
  • Special requirements to be defined by Central Bank
  • Tolerances to be defined by Central Bank
  • Random samples to select by Central Bank

Counterfeit Analysis Assistance

  • Storage of genuine characteristics
  • Comparison counterfeit with genuine note
  • Comparison counterfeit with other counterfeit notes
  • Analyses of comparisons by statistic and regression techniques
  • Report of analyses and comparisons
  • One working day for <5 counterfeit notes per denomination
  • One genuine reference note from Central Bank of each denomination
  • Special requirements/characteristics to be defined by Central Bank