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‘Snowfish® QC’ is a unique instrument to measure the characteristics of new banknotes produced. The Snowfish® QC combines many quality control elements in one sophisticated tool and is equipped with unique new functionalities. This tool to be launched at the HSP Latin America in June 2018.

Basic FUNCTIONALITIES (to define by the central bank)

  • Image recognition of design elements in high resolution
  • Measurement of banknote size with edge, corner and print-register information
  • Measurement of positioning between design elements compared with reference note
  • Security thread positioning compared with reference note
  • Watermark/window recognition and positioning in transmission
  • General RGB colour comparison against reference note
  • Measurement of intaglio height and other 3D elements such as tactile elements
  • Measurement of gloss, magnetism and UV-printed signal (reflection) strength
  • Measurement and detection of IR transparent and IR reflecting areas
  • Inspection of micro text, especially in intaglio
  • Determination of missing elements and classification of the quality of print, ink, foil, edge
  • Sharpness, wear and other after chemical and physical tests
  • Substrate measurement
  • …….


  • Implementation and execution of a more efficient and more effective quality control process
  • Technical requirements and special characteristics defined by the central bank, will be translated into objective data by the Snowfish®
  • Quality control is based on these objective data and avoids disputes about interpretations.
  • Results of the analysis are available directly after reading the note
  • All analysis results are stored in a data base
  • Printers who use the Snowfish® QC, can proof in a more efficient and objective way that the new banknotes produced meet the central bank’s specifications


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