Snowfish® Counterfeit Analysis

Ultimate tool for Counterfeit Analysis of banknotes - Launched at Anti Counterfeit & Currency Expo, Las Vegas, 8 November 2018

IGT and PNO Global co-operate in the production, sales and services of the range of ‘Snowfish®’ products. Mr. Tom Buitelaar, former Dutch National Bank (DNB) and European Central Bank (ECB) employee, invented the ‘Snowfish®’.

The Snowfish CA is a sophisticated instrument for a faster, more in detail and easy to operate counterfeit analysis.

  • Detailed analyses of counterfeited banknote
  • Unique database for statistical analyses
  • Analysis results lead to unique and specific detailed information of origin and production methods, which contributes to the tracing of counterfeiters.
  • Practical size and ease of operation make it possible to use the Snowfish® CA at regional locations like police stations.
  • Images of complete note in RGB per side
  • Measurement of level 1 features reported in data
  • Measurement of Level 2 features (IR, UV, Phosphor, Magnetism) reported in data
  • Measurement of substrate and print characteristics reported in data
  • Report possibility from analysis data
  • Flexible classification possibility made by central bank
  • PNO Global has 20 years of experience in banknote production and circulation for central banks world wide.
  • IGT is a well known and respected manufacturer of testing instruments for security print industry.
  • IGT stands for quality, reliability and continuity.
  • Warranty and service of Snowfish instruments are executed by IGT.