Snowfish® SP Fitness Deck Generator

The fitness decks and reports generated by the Snowfish® SP FDG will provide way to support central banks in their clean note policies and opens up the possibilities to drive global standardisation of fitness decks in the same way that DLR Analytics has driven standardisation of cash cycle analysis.

De La Rue, the world’s leading anti-counterfeiting and security specialist for currency, identity and brand protection, has entered into a joint development agreement with PNO Global, the producer of the Snowfish® SP FDG. The partnership will incorporate joint product development and related sales execution on a global basis.

  • Snowfish SP FDG allows you to create and reproduce banknote fitness test decks.
  • Snowfish SP FDG identifies areas where key detection factors can be improved
  • An optimized combination of sorting machine, sorting algorithm and banknote properties will lead to an improved circulation quality and lower costs for replacement of prematurely destroyed note
  • Image capturing of banknotes in high resolution
  • Measurement of banknote size
  • Innovative multi-colour inspection
  • Image capturing in reflection and transmission
  • Measurement of dog ears (numbers and size), edge faults, tears, holes, wrinkles and surface structure
  • 3D determination of intaglio height (tactility, blind mark)
  • Determination of gloss, magnetism and ink-wear
  • Stain detection
  • Creation and calibration of banknote fitness test decks for sorter machine threshold adjustment
  • Creation of ‘land scape model’ for key areas
  • Captured multiple images are ‘stitched’ together
  • Algorithms for all areas of interest and for each colour
  • Analysis report (Excel, bitmaps)
  • Reading speed: 10 notes/minute
  • Production, service and warranty by IGT Testing Systems

If you are interested in the Global Fitness Standards project or to see how the Snowfish SP FDG can bring an additional experience to your DLR Analytics usage please contact Nikki Strickland (