Cationic versus Radical Varnish

There are two different UV-curing types of banknote varnish:
  • Radical curing UV varnishes
  • Cationic curing UV varnishes

PNO Global offers Central Banks and Banknote Printers a 100% Cationic Varnish, based on PPG’s patented Raycron Technology.
Big advantages of Cationic versus Radical are for example:

  • Faster line speeds and cure times
  • Reducing finishing costs
  • Superior scratch and mar, abrasion and chemical resistance

Although the raw materials for a Cationic Varnish are much more expensive than those for a Radical Varnish, PNO Global offers their high quality EPV varnishes for a substantially lower price than the Radical varnishes of other suppliers.

For comparison of cationic and radical curing varnishes click here.