Eco Protect Varnish® Solids

Post-print protective banknote varnish for maximum security

PPG Industrial Coatings, the world’s largest paint and coating company, is the manufacturer of PNO Global’s varnishes. The R&D varnish department of PPG is one of the most sophisticated departments and is a guarantee for quality.

  • Post-print varnish is a thin protective layer on both sides of the banknote.
  • It is applied as last step in the printing process.
  • It smoothens the rough cotton surface and protects the printing including the security features.
  • Banknotes stay clean for a longer time. Studies reported significant circulation time increases.
  • Cleaner banknotes contribute to improved public awareness on security features.
  • EPV Solids is a new generation banknote varnish, produced by PPG Industrial Coatings.
  • EPV Solids is a 100% UV-Curing cationic formulation.
  • EPV Solids is a Raycron® PPG technology.
  • EPV Solids is developed for cotton-based banknote substrates.
  • EPV Solids contributes to 2-3% of total banknote paper grammage.
  • EPV Solids is a non-secure product.
  • Substantial increase of banknote circulation time.
  • Improved public awareness during circulation.
  • Gloss below ECB standards.
  • Gloss available in customized levels.
  • Easy switch with comparable cationic varnishes.
  • Independent test certificate by IGT Testing Systems.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Application by generally available banknote varnish machines.
  • EPV Solids is to be applied by anilox cylinder.
  • EPV Solids is UV-cured.
  • EPV Solids is to be applied on both sides of the substrate.
  • Lab test material is available on request.
  • PNO Global supports machine trial testing.
  • If required the mass production formulation can be adjusted to optimize performances.
  • MSDS is available on request
  • TDS is available on request
  • PNO Global management has many years of experience in varnish usage and development.
  • PNO Global supports the varnish implementation and application.
  • PPG is a well known and respected manufacturer of UV curing banknote varnishes.
  • Continues development and modification processes by sophisticated R&D department.
  • PPG’s banknote varnishes have been applied on banknotes in Asia, EMEA, Caribbean and Middle East.
  • Unique patented Raycron® Technology.