By: Jan Dirk Aan: 12 juni 2019 In: Snowfish Comments: 0

Both central bank and law enforcement directors and representatives met us at the High Security Printing conference Latin America in Costa Rica. Snowfish demonstrations and the presentation of Mr. Heinrich Terborg, member of the Snowfish Design & Development team, showed how unknown secrets of counterfeits are revealed by Snowfish....

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By: Jan Dirk Aan: 4 maart 2019 In: Snowfish Comments: 0

Currency News February 2019 reports: “Snowfish® technology which has now evolved into a suite of compact desk top products that provide stand-alone analysis of banknote fitness, quality and security”. To read the article about the Snowfish instruments click here or subscribe to Currency News!

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By: Jan Dirk Aan: 7 februari 2019 In: Snowfish Comments: 0

On 4thFebruary 2019 IGT Testing Systems and PNO Global founded ‘SNOWFISH B.V.’. All Snowfish activities are incorporated in this new company. After launching the Snowfish Sorter Process, the Snowfish Quality Control and the Snowfish Counterfeit Analysis, many Central Banks and Printing Works recognized the value the Snowfish instruments can...

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By: Jan Dirk Aan: 1 februari 2019 In: Coins Comments: 0

PNO Global, supplier of banknote varnish and Snowfish instruments, presented her Coins Team at the reception of the Austrian Mint.  The reception at the Austrian Embassy was given on the occasion of the 48th World Money Fair and the anniversary “825 Jahre Münze Wien”. The PNO Global Coins team serves Central...

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